Contact Directory


Chief of Police Telephone: 1-709-729-8151
Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations Telephone: 1-709-729-8155
Deputy Chief of Criminal Operations Telephone: 1-709-729-8155
Executive Director of Support Services Telephone: 1-709-729-8151
Professional Standards Bureau Telephone: 1-709-729-8062
Public Complaints Commission Telephone: 1-709-729-0950
Media Relations Telephone: 1-709-729-8658
Main Facsimile Telephone: 1-709-729-8214

Support Services

Director of Financial Operations Telephone: 1-709-729-8066
Accounts Payable Telephone: 1-709-729-8853
Central Records Telephone: 1-709-729-8033
Training Section Telephone: 1-709-729-8232
Quarter Master Stores Telephone: 1-709-729-8063
Strategic Planning and Research Section Telephone: 1-709-729-8883
Facilities and Assets Telephone: 1-709-729-8075
RNC Switchboard Inquiries Telephone: 1-709-729-8000


Recruiting Office Telephone: 1-709-729-8729 or 1-709-729-8730

Certificate of Conduct

Criminal Record Screening Certificates (Certificate of Conduct) Telephone: 1-709-729-8033

Patrol Services

Officer In Charge Telephone: 1-709-729-8010
East District (On Duty Supervisor) Telephone: 1-709-729-8015
Torbay Office This office is now closed.
Inquiries can be forwarded through RNC Headquarters.
Patrol Support Services Telephone: 1-709-729-8616
West District (On Duty Supervisor) Telephone: 1-709-729-8622

Traffic Services - Accident Investigation

Supervisor Telephone: 1-709-729-8044
General Inquiries Telephone: 1-709-729-8047

Criminal Investigation Division

Officer In Charge Telephone: 1-709-729-8076
Crimes Against Persons Telephone: 1-709-729-8226
Property Offences Telephone: 1-709-729-8040
Identification Section Telephone: 1-709-729-8140
Main Facsimile Telephone: 1-709-729-8248

Operational Support Services

Main Facsimile Telephone: 1-709-729-8279

Corner Brook

Main Line Telephone: 1-709-637-4100

Labrador West

Labrador City Telephone: 1-709-944-7602
Churchill Falls Telephone: 1-709-925-3524