Accident Investigation

Accident Investigation is responsible for serious motor vehicle collisions that occur within all three RNC regions.

The duties of accident investigators include, but are not limited to: speed calculations; investigating criminal code offences such as criminal negligence, dangerous operations, and impaired driving; investigating breaches of the Highway Traffic Act; issuing warrants for DNA, blood, and vehicle inspections; and impounding vehicles for the purposes of gathering evidence and obtaining mechanical safety inspections.

To deliver these services AI maintains sophisticated equipment including:

  • Total Station Survey Equipment
  • Tracker Data Collector
  • FX3 and Autocad Drawing Programs
  • CrashMath Math Programs

The RNC has ten accident investigators strategically located throughout the province and 1 accident investigator supervisor.

After thorough investigations, accident investigators have the authority to give recommendations to the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador to change the Highway Traffic Act, roadway signage, roadway design, street lighting, etc.

There are 4 levels of training for accident investigators. Level 1 and 2 is cadet training, level 3 is a collision analyst and level 4 is a reconstructionist. There are also specialized courses on pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and heavy equipment. Level 1 and 2 can be completed in St. John’s, NL; training to reach the Level 3 and 4 rank is completed outside the province.

Accident investigators are on call 24-7 for assignment throughout the province.