Explosives Disposal Unit

EDU has concerned themselves with the safety of the public since approximately 1986.

EDU is responsible for the identification, handling and disposal of explosive materials, including, but not limited to: improvised explosive devices, bombs, fireworks, suspicious powders and packages, chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear explosive devices, and other materials with explosive content.

The EDU responds to calls of any discovered army ordinance or ammunition, bomb threats, explosives in transport, incidents involving suspected bio-terrorism, and is available to assist the RNC Drug Investigative Unit with confirmed or suspected clandestine laboratories and marihuana grow operations.

The RNC has 3 Police Explosives Technicians (PET). Each PET has several Police Explosives Technicians’ Assistants (PETA). The duties of the technicians are secondary.

All members of this unit are based in the RNC North East Avalon region.

In order for a member to be certified as a PET, the officer must successfully complete a 5 week Police Explosives Technician Course, offered at the Canadian Police College in Ottawa. Afterwards, the RNC allocates 2 days every month for ongoing training; twice a year the training is extended to 4 days.

In addition to the interview and application process, applicants are tested physically, as they must be in top physical condition; as well as mentally.

EDU supports other policing agencies during major events that require higher levels of security and deploys its members for specific VIP visits.