Finance Division

The Finance Division is responsible for providing strategic financial leadership to the organization through proactive, transparent, accountable, cost effective and service oriented support to the agency’s internal and external stakeholders.

The Finance Division is responsible for coordinating, providing and maintaining support services related to the financial administration of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary. The Finance Division assumes the following responsibilities:

  • Budget preparation and forecasting
  • Budget monitoring and control and support for the management group
  • Risk management
  • Accounting and internal control processes for revenue and expenditure
  • Accounts payable/receivable administration
  • Banking functions
  • Cost Recovery Office
  • Financial control and compliance
  • Financial and operational reviews/audits
  • Financial reporting
  • Approval control and security access
  • Financial management and advisory capacity
  • Operational components
  • Procurement of goods and services
  • Interaction with Corporate Services Financial Division
  • Control of company records, leases, obligations and other documents