Public Order Unit

Public Order Unit

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary has always maintained a crowd control team. In 2004 the team was restructured into what is now called the Public Order Unit (POU).

The POU is the largest specialized unit within the RNC, consisting of over 40 officers including commanders and a Deputy Chief of Police. It also consists of 4 horses, 3 dogs, and members of the Tactics & Rescue Unit.

All members of the POU assume this role as a secondary duty and are situated within the RNC North East Avalon jurisdiction.

The POU is responsible for crowd control management for large public gatherings. Their main priority is to maintain public order and ensure public safety. They have been effectively trained on how to interact with different types of crowds and diffuse volatile situations.

All POU members are trained in a week long Basic Tactical Course and also complete 40 hours of additional training annually in St. John’s, NL. The POU is trained by RNC members who have completed a 5-day Tactical Training Course, taught by the Toronto Police Public Safety Unit.

The RNC POU has played an integral part in assuring public safety in major provincial labour disputes as well as National events such as the 2010 G20 in Ontario. When requested, the POU assists other policing agencies across Canada.

Due to the physical demands of their roles and responsibilities, RNC members must be in excellent physical condition to be a part of the POU.