Getting Started

The RNC is headquartered in St. John’s with detachments in Corner Brook, Labrador City/Wabush and Churchill Falls. Successful graduates may be assigned to any of these locations or to any other location that, in the future, may be within the jurisdiction of the RNC. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is committed to being reflective of the diverse communities in which it operates, and thus strives for diversity in its workplace and we are actively seeking applications from members of the many diverse communities we serve.

Who Do We Accept?

We will accept applications from citizens and Permanent Residents of Canada (for those with active applications for permanent residency, you must be a permanent resident before graduation from the Cadet Training Program). All applicants must have completed a minimum of one academic year of post-secondary education (7+ months) at an accredited institution before September of the application year. This is a recruit entry level program designed to prepare and qualify you to become a police officer. At this time we are not considering lateral entry transfers from experienced police officers. All applicants have to complete all nine stages of the process.

Cadet training is now being offered as a six month program that will be completed in St. John’s at the RNC’s Provincial Headquarters. Applicants must be of high moral character and be capable of projecting themselves as a positive role model to the community. Applicants must meet employment standards as stated in the RNC Act and participate in a selection process which involves screening, physical fitness testing, interview, polygraph, psychological and intelligence assessment, medical assessment, reference checking, and a background investigation. Applicants must demonstrate how they meet the RNC Police Cadet Competencies. Police officer positions with the RNC are considered “Positions of Trust” and require honesty, integrity, and a high ethical standard. Dishonesty in any stage may result in your immediate dismissal from the application process and the Police Constable Recruit Program.

RNC Recruit Applicant Competencies


Applicants must show superior verbal and nonverbal skills that include: effective writing, proof reading, public speaking and effective body language. They are able to build relationships in difficult circumstances by utilizing interpersonal skills, and showing sensitivity and empathy where needed. Applicants must be able to show articulation, courteousness, confidentiality and the ability to work through issues to de-escalate tense situations.


The ability to work effectively with a team and community members.   It embraces diversity while working through barriers to build relationships.  Applicants must place the needs of the RNC before self, while working with others to accomplish goals.  They respect the needs and contributions of others.


It can be defined as the art of influencing others to achieve a desired result.   It consists of inspiring others while portraying high ethical and professional standards.  Leaders show command presence. They leverage skills of others while inspiring. They are role models who willingly accept responsibility and are accountable. They build partnerships while recognizing contributions and successes of others.


Applicants must utilize critical thinking and follow due process.  They think on their feet while analyzing a situation and develop workable courses of action.  They make decisive decisions in fluid situations. They work through issues to resolve conflict at the lowest levels.  They show strong organizational skills and employ customer service in difficult circumstances.


The capacity to maintain a stable performance by adapting and thriving in a stressful environment.  Resilience is not about coping with a singular event, but rather adapting to the culture and lifestyle of the policing profession.  Resiliency is maintained by six core areas of fitness: physical, emotion, social, family, intellect, and spiritual.  Each of these, individually and collectively, can help reduce stress and maintain a healthy perspective.  Applicants must show a mindset of seeking help and building support, while refraining from abuse of alcohol and/or drugs.


Recruit applicants must show great personal conduct and perform duties at a high level.  They must show loyalty and self-restraint in difficult circumstances. They must be fit for work – being able to safely and acceptably perform assigned duties without any limitations or impairment due to the use or after-effects of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs, medications or any other substance.  Both as an individual and within a group, applicants must show self-constraint, understand boundaries and ensure the organization comes first. The RNC is a rules based organization.  Recruit applicants must show accountability. They must act in a conscientious manner, demonstrate focus and have great personal drive.


Recruit applicants must show they are proactive. They are self-motivated and demonstrate adaptability in fluid situations.  They have strong organizational skills and know how to adjust work priorities. They must be able to regularly document and manage files. They work under minimum supervision.  Applicants must be able to employ situational awareness and anticipate courses of action.  A cadet should be effective in the provision of their duties and with be willing to assist others.


Applicants must be able to carry out their duties in an expeditious and conscientious manner.  They display high conduct and have ethics.  Their words and deeds must exude RNC Core Values. They present a high level of deportment and they command attention and respect.


Policing is a fast pace environment.  Applicants must show commitment, personal drive, focus and motivation. By being tenacious they stay with a position or plan of action until a desired objective is achieved or is no longer reasonably attainable.

Together we can build safe and healthy communities.