Getting Started

The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) is currently accepting applications from individuals interested in a career as a Police Officer. Applications will be assessed based on information located in the RNC Police Cadet Competencies section listed below. Successful applicants will be enrolled conditionally as a Special Constable in our Recruit Training Program. Candidates who graduate from the Recruit Training Program may be offered employment within the RNC.

The RNC is headquartered in St. John’s with detachments in Corner Brook, Labrador City/Wabush and Churchill Falls. Successful graduates may be assigned to any of these locations or to any other location that, in the future, may be within the jurisdiction of the RNC. The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is committed to being reflective of the diverse communities in which it operates, and thus strives for diversity in its workplace and we are actively seeking applications from members of the many diverse communities we serve.

Who Do We Accept?

We will accept applications from citizens and permanent residents of Canada. All applicants must have completed a minimum of one academic year of post-secondary education at an accredited institutions before 31 December 2019. This is a recruit entry level program designed to prepare and qualify you to become a police officer. At this time we are not considering lateral entry transfers from experienced police officers.

Cadet training is now being offered as a six month program that will be completed in St. John’s at the RNC’s Provincial Headquarters. Applicants must be of high moral character and be capable of projecting themselves as a positive role model to the community. Applicants must meet employment standards as stated in the RNC Act and participate in a selection process which involves screening, physical fitness testing, interview, polygraph, psychological assessment, medical assessment, reference checking, and a background investigation. Applicants must demonstrate how they meet the RNC Police Cadet Competencies. Police officer positions with the RNC are considered “Positions of Trust” and require honesty, integrity, and a high ethical standard. Dishonesty in any stage may result in your immediate dismissal from the application process and the Police Constable Recruit Program.


RNC Police Cadet Competencies

Interpersonal Skills:  The ability to interact sensitively and respectfully with all individuals and groups to develop mutual understanding and productive relationships. The candidate demonstrates empathy, works effectively in teams and in partnerships, identifies and resolves issues through consultation, negotiation and consensus building and/or other appropriate processes.

Ability to communicate effectively: Expressing ideas effectively in individual and group situations (including non-verbal communication); adjusting language or terminology to the characteristics and needs of the audience. May also include the ability to present new ideas and concepts and articulate/support them in a reasonable manner to a critical group.

Ability to lead: The ability to attract and mobilize energies and talents of others to work toward shared objectives of a group or organization; encourages partnerships; inspires others, by example to perform to the highest standards; sets and/or involves others in setting goals that are challenging, realistic and measurable; accepts responsibility for outcomes and is accountable; recognizes contributions and successes of others.

Ability to solve problems: Committing to an action after developing alternative courses of action that are based on logical assumptions and factual information and that take into consideration resources, constraints, and organizational values.

Ability to collaborate: Working effectively with a team or those outside formal line of authority (e.g., peers, senior managers) to accomplish organizational goals; taking actions that respect the needs and contributions of others; contributing to and accepting the consensus; subordinating own objectives to the objectives of the organization or team.

Tenacity: Staying with a position or plan of action until the desired objective is achieved or is no longer reasonably attainable.

Initiative:  Making active attempts to influence events to achieve goals: self-starter rather than accepting passively; taking action to achieve goals beyond what is required; being proactive.

Deportment: Creating a good first impression, commanding attention and respect, showing an air of confidence. Applicants will have the opportunity to discuss the skills they possess that would make them a competent police officer and an asset to the RNC.

Resiliency: The capacity to maintain stable performance by adapting, resisting and thriving in the face of stress. Resilience is not about coping with a singular event but rather adapting to the culture and lifestyle of the policing profession.  Resiliency is maintained by six core areas of fitness: physical; emotion; social; family; intellect and spiritual.  Each of these, individually and collectively, can help reduce stress and maintain a healthy perspective.

Further to the above listed competencies, the Selection Board will also assess applicants’ knowledge of policing issues and demonstrated interest in pursuing a policing career.

Together we can build safe and healthy communities.