Cadet Training Program

This is a six month entry level recruit program offered annually from January – July. Cadets are required to pay a training fee of $3,200 and will receive pay of $15.00/hr (40 hr/wk) during the training period (training fee can be paid upfront or deducted from bi-weekly pay).

In addition, cadets will be required to partake in volunteer activities throughout their training program, over and above their regular work day.

Upon the successful completion of this program, candidates are eligible for employment at the RNC and may begin their one year probationary period. At this time, candidates are required to complete the PARE again; the PARE standards are more stringent: The time allowed to complete the circuit will decrease from 4 minutes 45 seconds (4:45) to 4 minutes (4:00), the push-pull weight will increase from 70 to 80 lbs, and the torso bag weight will increase from 80 to 100 lbs.