Media Relations & Social Media Office

RNC Media Relations & Social Media Officer, Cst. Geoff Higdon

Media plays an important role in keeping people informed about crime and police activity in their communities. For the media to report accurately it is necessary for police to assist them by providing appropriate facts.

Every RNC media release reflects on the professionalism of the RNC. RNC media releases must always strike a balance between the public’s right to know and the individual’s right to privacy, and protect police information that forms part of an investigation or that may divulge investigative techniques.

Each year the RNC issues approximately 400 news releases and post more than 30 videos on You Tube plus thousands of interactions with the public on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat.

To reach our Media Relations / Social Media Officer by email: or by telephone at 709-729-8658. Regular office hours are 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. For urgent inquires after hours, weekends, or on holidays, please contact the NCO office at 709-729-8015/8313.

From time to time, our Social Media Officer (Cst. Geoffrey Higdon) may attempt to reach people on Facebook in connection with investigations on behalf of investigating officers from his official Facebook account. We have placed a link here so that you can authenticate any message received as being from this account. Please note: friend requests and inbound messages are not accepted using this account as the account is not regularly used or monitored.